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Glenbow Museum Canadian Angus Collection
Posted On: 6/29/2015

The June 2015 issue of Canadian Cattlemen contains a reprint of "Cow Chips" taken from the June 1949 issue of the magazine - in it is a paragraph regarding the publication of "March with Aberdeen Angus the Breed of the Future" written by J.P. Sackville, secretary of the Canadian Aberdeen Angus Association at the time.

An online search revealed that this publication is part of the Canadian Aberdeen Angus Pamphlet Collection at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. Unfortunately, the booklet has not yet been digitized, but several other Angus promotional materials from the early to mid 1900's are available to view online. They make very interesting reading for history buffs and are a testament to the strides made by early Angus breeders in Canada.

Typical Angus - 1938

The Glenbow Angus collection includes (* excerpt)
Click underlined titles in bold to view online - pdf format:

- Aberdeen-Angus Cattle / by James Bowman -- [Winnipeg] : CAAA, [ca. 1910].
* "The bulls should have a strong, masculine head, and carry it erect, like a gentleman "

Consisting of:
- The march of the Doddies / by F.H. Higgins -- Winnipeg : reprinted from the Grain Grower's Guide, issue of Dec. 4, 1918.
* This importation of Prof. Brown formed the nucleus of the breed in the Dominion, and it soon achieved a reputation for milk rich in butter fat as well as beef production"
- Aberdeen-Angus are carrying on / by Jas. Bowman -- Winnipeg : reprinted from The Grain Growers' Guide, issue of December 25, 1918.
* And as visitors to the Western shows pass through the stables it is quite a common thing to hear them say 'These are the cattle for this country'."
- Aberdeen-Angus families : a study of outstanding families in this breed / by F.H. Higgins -- Winnipeg : reprinted from The Grain Growers' Guide, issue of April 19, 1919.
* Every great herd must have great herd bulls, and any herd that has written much Aberdeen-Angus history has done so with the aid of bulls that have 'left their mark'."

- Farmers' bulls : popularity of Aberdeen Angus -- Brandon : CAAA, [ ca. 1922].
* "Dehorn your cattle by nature's approved method - use an Aberdeen Angus Bull"

* "A beef buyer once informed me how he guessed the weight of Aberdeen Angus steers. He said that he guessed what he thought they would weigh in comparison with other breeds, and then added 200 pounds, and he always came pretty close to the scale weights."

- Why the Angus bull is best : extract from The Family Herald, February 6th, 1935 / James Bowman. -- [S.l. : s.n, 1935?]
* "Angus Cattle are gaining in popularity. Get on the Band Wagon NOW!"

* Character is necessary on both sides for successful breeding."

- A typical Aberdeen-Angus cow. -- Winnipeg : CAAA, [ca. 1938].
* photo

- The world's premier beef breed. -- Winnipeg : CAAA, 1940.
* "There are many reasons why I have stayed with Angus cattle for over fifty years. I have yet to hear of a breeder who ever kept Angus going into raising other breeds. It is once Angus, always Angus."

* "Annual Membership Fee is $4.00, due Jan. 1st, each year. Life Membership Fee is $30.00"

A listing of all documents available in the entire Glenbow Angus collection can be found @
Link also provided to the history of the collection (main source of acquisition: gift of the Canadian Angus Association, 2010).

To learn more about the Glenbow Museum visit their website @

(Thanks to Earl Scott for the suggestion which started this search - and to those with the foresight to contribute to the collection)

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