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34th Annual Short Grass Bull & Female Sale
Posted On: 4/25/2012

34th Annual Short Grass Bull & Female Sale
April 21, 2012 - Aneroid, SK

Auctioneers: Bruce Switzer & Don Raffan

174 BullsAveraged$4,540
28 Registered HeifersAveraged$3,220
301 Commercial HeifersAveraged$1,270
2 Ranch HorsesAveraged$5,500

Top Selling Bulls:
Lot 14 - Sandy Bar Ambush 10Y at $17,000 to Deer Hill Ridge Angus, Fiske, SK.
Lot 4 - Sandy Bar Ideal 18S 8Y at $13,000 to MacNab Angus, Mervin, SK.
Lot 17 - Sandy Bar Dutch 15Y at $11,000 to Anchor R Farm, Baldwinton, SK.
Lot 51 - Day By Day Final Answer 307Y at $10,000 to Circle 7 Angus, Shaunavon, SK & Kornfeld Ranch, Val Marie, SK.
Lot 77 - Sandy Bar Ideal 18S 124Y at $9,500 to Frieslawn Farms, Woodstock, ON.
Lot 78 - Sandy Bar Objective Trend 25Y at $9,250 to Meharry Cattle Co., Grandview, MB.

Top Selling Registered Heifers:
IJP 66Y - Sany Bar Bessie 66Y at $5,900 to Sheidaghan Anghus, Maple Creek, SK.
IJP 58Y - Sandy Bar Pride 58Y at $5,900 to Sheidaghan Anghus, Maple Creek, SK.
IJP 205Y - Sandy Bar Jemina 205Y at $5,000 to Sheidaghan Anghus, Maple Creek, SK.
IJP 38Y - Sandy Bar Linda 38Y at $4,700 to Donavon VanSandt, Shaunavon, SK.

Top Selling Commercial Heifers:
5 Black Angus from 7Z Ranch at $1,375 to Paul Lebel, Val Marie, SK.
10 Black Angus from Paul Lebel at $1,375 to Deer Acres, Mankota, SK.

Top Selling Horses:
Boy from Kirk Mastad at $6,500 to T-T Ranch, Eastend, SK.
Lucky from Klinton Kornfeld at $4,500 to Wayne Collins, Russell, MB.

Great Crowd Repeat Buyers very evident.

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